Other Security Guides

You can find those security guides in this section, which does not fit into the application security-, network security-, or into the operating systems security guidelines. The following guidelines provide useful recommendations in many areas of information security. Many domestic and international companies use them to secure their systems.

Download our IT security guides that are available in English!

  Office Communications Server 2007 Document: Security Guide

  Protecting Your Laptop Best Practices

  Secure Your Computer Best Practices

  The Secure Access Using Smart Cards Planning Guide

  The Security Risk Management Guide

  The Administrator Accounts Security Planning Guide

  The Security Monitoring and Attack Detection Planning Guide

  Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up Network Quarantine and Remote Access Certificate Provisioning

  TS Gateway Step-By-Step Guide

  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Security Hardening Guide

  Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up IPv6 in a Test Lab

  Step-by-Step Guide for Testing Connection Manager Profiles in a Test Lab

  A Guide to Domain Isolation for Security Architects

  Domain Isolation Planning Guide for IT Managers

  Microsoft Office Live Meeting Service Security Guide

  Office Communicator Web Access: Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access Security Guide

  Domain Name System Security Extensions

  Hyper-V Security Guide

  Windows Security and Directory Services for UNIX v1.0

  Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Design and Deployment Guide

  Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Step-by-Step Guide - Deploying Firewall Policies

  Best Practice Guide for Securing Active Directory Installations

  Microsoft Windows Server System Deployment Guide for Midsize Businesses eBook

  Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment

  Guidelines on Cell Phone and PDA Security

  Guidelines on Firewalls and Firewall Policy