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As long as there are no problems, expenditure on information security may seem to be an unnecessary cost. But afterwards we regret in vain how cheaper the protection and prevention would have been.
Since the price of perfect protection is infinite, instead of perfect-, the aim is to reach the optimal level of security. We should calculate that by carefully considering the costs of prevention measures and the potential damage value of the different risk factors. So well-designed security expenditures can be considered as good financial investments.
The aim: to minimize the amount of the cost of damage and costs spent on security.
Incidents endangering information may come from outside the organization, however according to survey results; the vast majority of information-related injuries occur in-house. The lack of information protection can cause serious losses, IT risk obviously has become business risk for nowadays.

Potential risks:

  • inappropriate decisions
  • business loss
  • legal consequences (fines and compensations)
  • delay
  • loss of confidence, image degradation
  • high restoration costs
  • dysfunctionality setting back the course of business
You can avoid all of these risks taking ITSecure’s IT security services!

Featured Services

IT Consultancy

We analyze the vulnerability of your security systems by applying a comprehensive information security risk analysis in accordance with both international and domestic recommendations (i.e. COBIT and PSZAF). Based on this analysis, we can plan and implement security and control measures to protect your IT systems from physical and IT penetration.

Vulnerability assessment (ethical hacking)

We detect and correct your network security gaps by performing external and internal penetration tests, including a legal (ethical) attack with your authorization.

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

In possession of a DRP, you would be able to access your business-critical software, data and hardware after any natural or manmade disaster.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Using a complex BCP not only the typical risks (fire, hacker-attack, theft), but the unexpected and unquantifiable ones (earthquake, terrorist attack) can be mitigated.